Chemical Name — BIPERIDEN HCL

Biperiden hydrochloride is a muscarinic receptor (mAChR M) antagonist that displays some selectivity for the mAChR M1 subtype (Ki values are 0.48, 2.4, 3.9, 6.3 and 6.3 nM for mAChR M1, mAChR M4, mAChR M3, mAChR M2 and mAChR M5 receptors, respectively)

IUPAC Name 1-(6-bicyclo[2.2.1]hept-2-enyl)-1-phenyl-3-piperidin-1-ylpropan-1-ol
CAS Number 1235-82-1
Molecular Formula C21H30ClNO
Synonyms Bicamol;Akiriden;Tasmolin;NSC 84989;NSC 170950;BIPERIDINE HCL;Biperidene HCL;akinetonhydrochloride;BIPERIDEN HYDROCHLORIDE;biperidinehydrochloride
Application A muscarinic receptor antagonist 


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